• Membership

    The League has several types of membership:

    1. Professional players

    Professionals make the basis of the League. They have a number of privileges and obligations and represent Russian Federation in international competitions. To become a professional player, an applicant should possess good playing skills and pass the League Entrance Exam. All professional players have regularly updated profile pages.

    2. Non-professionals

    Non-professionals play Japanese mahjong regularly and take part in events, organised by the League. One can become a non-professional member of the League by expressing their wish. The most active and experienced non-professional players may obtain a profile page. The members of the League may also subscribe to receive our news via e-mail.

    3. Paid membership

    At the present time the League does not provide paid membership. In prospect paid membership will allow to have discounts to competitions and events organized by the League and some other bonuses.

    4. Management

    Managers of the League organize events and provide site support. They may not necessarily be professional players of the League.