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    Vladimir Bogdanov Wins Russian Reach Mahjong Championship

    by  • 06:17 PM

    All members of the League took part in the Second Russian Reach Mahjong Championship which was held on 7-8 December in Moscow. Our congratulations to Vladimir Bogdanov who became the winner of the event and the new Russian champion. We present the results of first three players and of all the professionals of the League:

    riichi_logo_2001. Vladimir Bogdanov
    2. Andrey Ermakov
    3. Mikhail Markov
    13. Dmitry Zaitsev
    17. Nikita Tkachenko
    20. Ilya Monakov
    22. Konstantin Ermakov

    The tournament gathered 72 players — the record number for Russian mahjong events. All the members of the League showed great game and ended in the first third of the ranking table.

    IORMC 2013 — final results

    by  • 04:25 PM

    IORMC has just ended. Our professionals have shown great results:

    2nd place — Nikita Tkachenko
    5th place — Dmitry Zaitsev
    7th place — Vladimir Bogdanov
    13th place — Ilya Monakov

    The complete results table on KML site.

    Organizers decided not to announce country results. We've counted these results ourselves:

    1st place: 134 — Russia
    2nd place: 126 — Japan
    3rd place: 59 — Hong Kong
    4th place: -58 — South Korea
    5th place: -261 — China

    Congratulations to our professional who have showen their best game and have gained the victory for the League and for Russia!