• Events

    Our relations in Japan and Russia allow us to organize educational and sports Japanese mahjong events of different levels.

    1. Tournaments

    «Moscow Open Riichi Tournament» organized by «Tesuji» club in Spring 2012 and the International online reach mahjong competition between Russia, South Korea, China and Japan (where Russia lost badly) became the reason for creation of the League.

    We are planning an organisation of a large two-days Japanese mahjong tournament with the possibility of invitation of Japanese players and are currently looking for sponsors. We'll announce the date in half a year before the event.

    2. Webinars

    Webinars are a great opportunity to improve playing skills for those living far from mahjong centers. The professionals of the League play online, analyse replays, give commentary and answer your questions in real time.

    3. Challenge games

    High-ranked tenhou.net lobbies are closed for novice players. But the best way to learn is to play with the strongest. Want to challenge our professional players? Now you have this possibility!