• IORMC 2013 — final results

    by  • 04:25 PM

    IORMC has just ended. Our professionals have shown great results:

    2nd place — Nikita Tkachenko
    5th place — Dmitry Zaitsev
    7th place — Vladimir Bogdanov
    13th place — Ilya Monakov

    The complete results table on KML site.

    Organizers decided not to announce country results. We've counted these results ourselves:

    1st place: 134 — Russia
    2nd place: 126 — Japan
    3rd place: 59 — Hong Kong
    4th place: -58 — South Korea
    5th place: -261 — China

    Congratulations to our professional who have showen their best game and have gained the victory for the League and for Russia!