• The First Pros

    by  • 09:38 AM

    The first pro exam has ended. You can find the tasks from the exam here: Exams.

    Here is the score of the applicants in each of the tasks.

    Value Waits Uke-ire Add. part Sum
    Nikita Tkachenko 23 26 13 9 71
    Konstantin Ermakov 24 27 19 4 74
    Vladimir Bogdanov 25 28 9 13 75
    Ilya Monakov 27 28 21 14 90

    All applicants have received the necessary 23 points in each of the tasks and have passed the exam!

    Japanese Mahjong League has made the exception for Ilya Monakov who lacked a few rate points on tenhou.net considering his playing experience and contribution to the development of Japanese mahjong in Russia.